About Me

Colour inspires creativity in all of us. My inspiration is the landscape and a oneness with our natural life. The mediums I use enhance the paintings. Watercolours, inks, oil sticks, pastels and sumi paste which is my prime objective at the moment. The use of rice paper and natural materials like horse hair brushes etc.. creates a spiritual moment for me. 


I have a great love of nature and focusing on abstraction therefore naturally my subconscious creates my paintings and breathes life. Music, mathematics and painting are all closely related in life.

Some of the themes that run through my practice are zen and harmony with nature. With this focus in mind, recently I have been working with rice paper and my sumi inks to create gestural markings with performance. 


Being an artist, I hope my paintings may someday enrich people's lives. 


I have been invited to show some pieces in New York City in Vanderplas Gallery



  • Exhibited in: 

  • Stamford Grand

  • Greenhill Gallery 

  • Park Galleries Queensland 

  • Noel Stott Galleries 

  • Royal South Australian Society of Arts 

  • Harndorf Academy Gallery 

  • Hill-smith Gallery 

  • Libby Edwards Galley 

  • Blue Marble Buderim Gallery 

  • Pro Hart Galleries 

  • Kensington Galleries 

  • Richmond Gallery 

  • Loreto Colleges 

  • Art Image 

  • House of Prints

  • etc..


Sold to private collectors internationally and features in many editions of Art Edit Australia. Have shown work with Art box projects in Switzerland, America and Miami.