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 "Waterfish Magic"



Colour, love of nature, life, and music are my inspiration.
My work involves different techniques, using natural products, such as rice paper, horse hair brushes, Sumi inks, acrylics, pastels, water colours.

At this moment in time, I am exploring all elements of abstraction.
Imagination and creativity open unknown doors of learning, leading me into the performance of calligraphic abstraction.

About Me

Love, life, walking, photographing trees, dancing, love of people, fashion, and calligraphic performance.


  • Red Gallery Melbourne

  • Adriaan van der Plass Gallery New York

  • David Ru Foundation Moscow

  • IMDR Creative Art Moscow

  • Greenhill Gallery South Australia

  • Prohart Gallery

  • Libby Edwards Gallery Melbourne

  • Art Box Miami and Switzerland

  • Queen Art Studio Padua exhibited in Monaco

  • Invited by Cultural Association Serbia to represent Australia

  • Japan Print Show

  • Alliance Francaise South Australia

  • Penfold Wineries

  • Paintings Bought by Private Collectors Internationally

  • Charity Exhibitions

  • ​Prints on cards London and California.

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